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If you want to change the color of belt, straps and three-dimensional flower of the dress, please leave us a massage when you place the order.

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Bill Levkoff 536


Bill Levkoff 536



Love these dresses!

So comfortable!


Loving my dress! I feel like a princess in it!

Beautiful, makes me feel like a princess. Perfect for the Gala I will be attending.


Red dress

I love the waterfall ruching at the front of the dress. The neckline is perfect as well. The only thing I was surprised about is that it has a corset backing - which I don't mind, I just don't remember reading. Great dress for a great price!



I love comfy clothes, and this dress is very comfy. Usually I don't like polyester and this dress is a blend of polyester and cotton. The advantage of having polyester I this garment is that it makes this dress incredibly light. Sometime cotton garments can be quite heavy on its own if its made into a long dress like this one. The downside of polyester is that you basically have to hand wash it. If you put it in the washing machine it will get all wrinkled and the wrinkles stay that way forever. You can't put this in the dryer either, the heat will ruin this dress. The upside is that if you hang this dress up for drying it will dry within an hour or so.Another disadvantage of polyester is that once you sweat in it under you armpit, the smell is impossible to get out of polyester clothes. Polyester is horrendously unsanitary as you can't wash it properly. Thankfully the cut for your arms is quite wide on this dress so you won't have that problem. I like wearing tunics and light sweaters over this dress.This is one of the most comfortable dresses I've ever had, it is very versatile, you can wear it on its own, with a top and turn it into a long skirt or you can even sleep in it. I liked it so much that I bought another one in a different color. If you like comfortable clothing, this one might be for you.



So when buying this dress at first they didn't have a medium in stock so, of course, I kinda looked and saw a small would most likely fit. So when emailing a very nice woman she said that if I liked the dress so much I could have one made and my size, and well, that's exactly what I did. NOW TO THE DRESS PART: when it came I received it a bit earlier then the shipping date so I was really happy about that and when I tried it on IT FIT LIKE A GLOVE. It's well made and is made from streatchy material which is awesome! Overall for about 30 bucks in total this was an awesome purchase and to any one else who might want to get this I say go for it!-Yami


Thick material, good stretch

Ordered and returned a different one of these. Wore it to a black tie optional work event in Vegas and even wore it to a casual night out. Love that it really can go anywhere.

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